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$50.00 for 1 class, $160 for 4 classes  
Every Saturday starting 17 February 2017
10 am to 12pm
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Join us in Japanese Manga Class where you get to learn to draw your own comic! Start off from Beginner, Intermediate and to Advanced.

Conducted by our MOE certified Instructor, Mr Hafiz will bring you through our specially developed curriculum for all ages of japanese anime manga comic lovers!

Classes will be held every Saturday from 10 AM to 12PM (Starting from 17 February 2017)
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Our fees are:

$50 for 1 session
$160 for 4 sessions

Participants who sign up for 4 lessons must indicate the dates of attendance.
In case of cancellations, Learners Hub must be informed at least 3 working days prior to the class date. There will strictly be no refunds for classes that have not been cancelled at least 3 days in advance.
Payment can be made in either cash or cheque to LEARNERS HUB PTE LTD
Is there a lesson curriculum?

Beginner 1 (8 lessons)
Basic: Face, Expression, Body Anatomy, Clothes, Inking

Beginner 2 (8 lessons)
Basic: Poses, Main Character Creation, Pencil & Colour Pencil Rendering, Backgrounds 

Intermediate 1 (8 lessons)
Backgrounds One- point/ Two-Point Perspective,  Inking/Rendering, Archetype Characters & Creation, Intermed Poses

Intermediate 2 (8 lessons)
Backgrounds Room/Building Interior, Storyboarding, Perspective/Dynamic Poses, Basic Scripting & Storyboard

Advanced (On-going)
Creating your own comic, Comic Logo design, Page Panelling Layouts, Basics in Writing dialogue 

Is there a minimum age?
Yes, we recommend our students to be at least 10 Years and older.
We also welcome parent-child duos who would like to start drawing together!

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LHK2 Building, Lobby 1, #04-01
Singapore 367996
+65 68421006
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