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Ultimaker S3

Ultimaker S3

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Industrial Printing at Your Fingertips

The Ultimaker 3 is an innovative dual extrusion machine with a large build area. This semi-industrial grade 3D printer is the newest addition to the Ultimaker family of printers which includes the Ultimaker 2 + and Ultimaker 2 Extended + as well as the Ultimaker 3 Extended. The Ultimaker 3 allows you to create high resolution and production quality dual extrusion parts. The innovative nozzle lifting system, swappable print cores, and automatic bed leveling make this an exceptionally advanced dual extrusion printer ready for professional 3D printing.

Together with optimized Cura profiles, advanced material recognition system, and material-matching swappable print cores, Ultimaker 3 is engineered for high uptime and reliable, industrial-grade results.

  • Dual extrusion with a build volume of 230 x 190 x 200 mm (9 x 7.4 x 7.9 inches) 
  • Down to 20 micron (0.001 inch) layer resolution 
  • Open filament system, compatible with glass and carbon fiber composites 
  • Dual filament flow sensors notify you if material runs out 
  • 4.7-inch touchscreen interface – Winner of iF Design Award 2019


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